Leica Collection

My Leica Collection

Leica M3
My first Leica acquired in 2010. Hardly shoot with this these days. This sits nicely in my cabinet, preserved for the next generation.

Leica M4
Acquired during my recent trip to Tokyo. Paid a premium for it, but this 1966 camera is worth every cent.

Leica M5
This is one black beauty. It’s much bigger and the design is really quite an “acquired” taste. My first black Leica.

Leica M6 Chrome TTL
My main film Leica. This workhorse has been with me on many trips around the world.

Leica M6 Millennium Black Paint TTL
A brand new special limited edition M6 Black Paint launched to commemorate the new millennium.

Leica M9
First digital Leica, after many months of deliberation, finally convinced myself to bite the bullet and acquired this first hand. Using it primarily with a 35mm Summicron.

2 thoughts on “My Leica Collection”

  1. I think I need a 2nd job so I can afford your collection. Very nice. I am in the process of acquiring a Leica Digilux 1 3.9MP so I can resell it. So far the high bidder, but there’s a couple of days left. Just curious of this build quality and how the images would look after all these years, that is if it still works.

    What would you suggest for buying as a first digital Leica (other than what I’m bidding on)? Money is obviously a consideration, so I can’t see spending more than $2k. Hope you’re still monitoring this website…

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