Polaroid SLR 690

A true and faithful re-iteration of its predecessor, the SLR 690 is a folding, single-lens-reflex, autofocusing camera built on the legendary Polaroid SX-70 platform, with built-in electronic flash that automatically aims its light at the subject for evenly-lit, brilliant instant photographs on Polaroid 600 Plus order xanax with paypal film. The high ISO 600 rating of Polaroid 600 Plus film allows rapid shutter speeds and small lens apertures for greater depth of field, more true-to-life, action-stopping pictures and the use of the small, low-intensity integral flash in the SLR 690.

Made: 1996, Japan
Date Purchased: April 30, 2011
Store: eBay



2 thoughts on “Polaroid SLR 690”

    • Hi Donald, sorry I’m actually not selling any of the cameras. You should be able to find a 690 on eBay. Though prices are a little more expensive these days.

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