Yashica Lynx-14

Lens: Yashinon-DX 45mm F1.4
Serial: LIII 7011432

Introduced in 1965, the Yashica Lynx 14 is one of the very few 35 leaf shutter rangefinders with a Yashinon 45mm F/1.4 lens. This clearly puts the Lynx in the elite club when it comes to lens quality and feature.

The Yashica Lynx features “Above The Lens” (ATL) metering. The CDS metering cell is located to the left of the rangefinder in the form of a round window.

User manual for the Lynx 14-E.

I purchase this piece back in April 2012. Yet to run a roll of film through it. Not sure if it’s supposed to work without  battery, but without power, I’m not able to get the shutter to fire. Other than that, great design and nice big lens.

Made: 1965, Japan
Date Purchased: Apr 8, 2012
Store: eBay

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